Opening Ceremony

On March 4th, 2014, we held an opening ceremony for 2nd factory and presentation of Convection type car bottom hea treatment furnace,Hydraulic pressing machine with manipulator and Spinning machine at the factory of RK ENGINEERING.
Many customers and suppliers visited from Japan, Vietnam and Asian countries.

There are three biggest reasons why RK ENGINEERING chose the
Deep-C Industrial Park in Hai Phong.

  1. 1.Regional characteristics

    Vietnam is located in the center of Southeast Asian countries and China and it has remarkable economic development.
    Hai Phong City is located 100km east of Hanoi which is the capital city and it is a logistics center having an international trading port.

  2. 2.Site location

    The Deep-C Industrial Park is adjacent to Dinh Buo Port, Hai Phong's international trading port, and it is very suitable for loading raw materials and shipping large-scale products by sea.
    They also completed the construction of Lac Yen Port to meet the increasing demand for containers.
    What's more it has a highway CT.04 between Hanoi and Hai Phong other than sea transportation, it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes by car to Hanoi, and it also has Cat Bi International Airport connecting central and southern Vietnam from it.

  3. 3.Technical capabilities

    Haiphong is historically well known for the shipping industry, and there are many factories engaged in cutting, bending, and welding iron because shipping industry has its own wide skirts.
    Therefore, we can hire highly skilled employees, and also find many companies who can help us with our production.