CSR (social and environmental contributions)

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Environmental philosophy

We’ve been actively pursuing environmental activities since before we obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1995, a first for the head plate industry.
Our company rules clearly stipulate our obligations and responsibility to comply with laws and regulations in all our daily activities.
Consideration for the environment is another major preoccupation. Keeping environmental protection in mind in every aspect of our operations, we seek to earn and maintain societal and customer trust and customer satisfaction.

Environmental activities

  • Reductions in resource consumption
  • Reductions in electricity and water consumption
  • Quality improvements
  • Cleanup campaign for local communities
  • Waste reductions
  • Purchasing products to improve the environment
  • Resource recycling
  • Disseminating environmental policy to all employees and all those who work for us
  • Strict segregation of general waste and industrial waste