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Quality policy

To achieve quality, cost, delivery times, and safety that satisfy customers, we seek to clearly set forth our organization and divisions of roles and responsibilities and to make sure that all employees enhance their skills and strive side by side to continuously improve the quality management system.

All employees strive together to strengthen our quality controls.

To meet changing customer needs, we strive to strengthen our quality controls on a daily basis. As part of these efforts, we’ve obtained ISO 9001 certification, a first for the head plate industry. In addition, we’ve obtained JIS mark certification, a first class pressure vessel manufacturing license, and welding certificates under the Electricity Business Act and the High Pressure Gas Safety Act. Drawing on extensive experience, our machining technologies for special materials like titanium, copper, aluminum, nickel, inconel, incoloy and zirconium have been warmly received.

Certification bodies Certification types and levels
Japan Quality Assurance Organization JIS B 8247 Formed head for pressure vessel (JIS mark certification)
Certificate No.JQ0508121
Labor Standards Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare First class pressure vessel manufacturing license
Head plates for boilers and first class pressure vessels
High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan
ISO Registration Center
ISO 9001:2008 / JIS Q 9001:2008
Registration No.95QR・014
Production of moldings for vessels by pressing or spinning
Design and production of pressure vessels and welded structures
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corporation
Welding methods as specified in Item 1, Paragraph 2, Article 52 of the Electricity Business Act (including welding related to nuclear power facilities)