Management philosophy

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Management philosophy

Nippon Kyohan Kogyo strives to achieve continuing growth and to bring fulfillment to all.

  • (1) “All” means employees, their families, our business partners, and local communities.
  • (2) “Fulfillment” means finding joy and delight in working for and with this company.
  • (3) “Continued growth” means maintaining strong and stable management.

Employee charter

We pledge to do the following:
  • (1) Seek to surpass customer expectations at all times.
  • (2) Maintain the trust of our customers.
  • (3) Continue to seek out and tackle new challenges.
  • (4) Create an atmosphere that allows forthright communication.
  • (5) Foster comfortable and fulfilling working environments.
  • (6) Seek to build a company in which everyone can take pride.
  • (7) Act in accordance with basic principles.
  • (8) Ensure thoroughgoing compliance with laws and regulations and build strong ties to local communities.
  • (9) Seek to ensure safety and health.