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原点は継承して仕組みは革新して本質を進化させる未来に我々の生き様を残すために 代表取締役社長 小林 三郎

For more than a half century, Nippon Kyohan Kogyo has produced and sold the lids used on both ends of tanks for pressure vessels.

We have constantly focused on the cold working process through these years, a process that imposes minimal strain on materials. That’s because our first priority is the performance and safety of the tanks, key equipment found at production facilities.

While staying true to our fundamental philosophy, we’ve continued to restructure our factories and upgrade production equipment to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Making the most of our head plate production technologies, we’ve also begun producing various pressure vessel tanks and products for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2012, we set up a factory in Vietnam to produce pressure vessels and other products. We’re dedicated to keeping up to date with changing needs while remaining true to our fundamental philosophy. Our pledge to our customers is to continue working to refine our technologies and organization and to provide products essential to their work.

We look forward to your steadfast support and encouragement.