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Cooling tanks are widely used for low temperature fermentation, low temperature storage, long-term aging, carbonation and other processes of beer, sake, wine and shochu (distilled spirit)

Premium sake cooling tank

Nippon Kyohan offers a cooling tank made entirely of stainless steel both inside and outside for premium sake preparation and low temperature storage.

1.Temperature control system preventing freezing

Brine and tank temperatures are separately controlled to avoid overcooling and prevent freezing.

2.Taste and temperature have a delicate relationship. The premium sake cooling tank controls the optimum temperature.

The tank controls the temperature to within ±1°C and gives readings to the first decimal place based on data from the resistance temperature detector and temperature indicator controller, making it easy to quickly set the desired temperature.

3.The temperature of each tank is controlled separately.

The tank is built with a refrigerator into one unit. Even when several tanks are used, the temperature of each tank is separately selected. It is suitable for high-mix/low-volume production.

4.Equipped with a compact refrigerator using new refrigerant gas

A compact refrigerator with low power consumption is used. Controls are based on fuzzy logic, and the refrigerator runs only when needed to minimize operating costs.

5.All stainless steel triplex structure

The tank consists of three layers: inner surface, cooling jacket and outer insulator. The clean welded structure is made entirely of stainless steel for applications in which hygiene is critical. Both the inner and outer surfaces can be washed with water.

Model Capacity (l) External diameter Overall height
NK-1000G 1000 1300 2100
NK-2000G 2000 1600 2450
NK-3000G 3000 1800 2700
NK-4000G 4000 1900 2900
NK-5000G 5000 2100 3100
Technical data
Material Body: SUS304 / Cooling jacket: SUS304 / Outer insulator: SUS304
Insulator Perlite C
Working pressure Atmospheric pressure
Refrigerator Daiichi Industrial’s brine chiller * Cooling the drum