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Employment status Full time
Qualifications Graduate or future graduate of junior college, vocational college, technical college, university, or graduate school
Actively recruited candidates Future graduates in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and the humanities
Job category
▪ Engineering
Desirable majors: Mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, physics/applied physics, chemistry/materials sciences and engineering
Job description: Mechanical design, establishing and issuing instructions for machining technologies, equipment maintenance
Improvements in flagship product, head plates, and other existing products; new product development and other engineering work
Job description: Sales of metalwork products, including head plates for pressure vessels (route sales)
Place of work Nishi-yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Yashio-shi, Saitama
Inashiki-shi, Ibaraki
Hakusan-shi, Ishikawa
Kokura-kita-ku, Kita-kyushu-shi, Fukuoka
Working hours 08:30 to 17:00
Allowances Transportation allowance, overtime, qualification allowance, executive allowance, sales allowance, housing allowance, family allowance
Salary University graduate: From 195,000 yen monthly
Pay raise Once a year
Bonus Twice a year (July and December)
Holiday and leave Five-day work week (according to company calendar)
Paid leave
Year-end and new year holidays
Summer holidays
Annual holidays: 112 days
* Use of annual paid leave: 10 or more days on average (fiscal 2015)
Other benefits Social insurance
Property accumulation savings system
Recreation facilities
Cafeteria plan
Other advantages A comfortable workplace characterized by zero employee turnover
Promoting a work-life balance
Employee suggestion system
Incentives for earning qualifications
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